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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Joyce Leogrande

Thinking about leaving Connecticut behind? Make sure you have someone here still protecting you!

When Joyce moved to Massachusetts in 2009 after retiring from Connecticut’s Department on Disability Services there was no question that she would need CSEA Council 400 here in Hartford—after all without a vote in Connecticut who else was going to protect the hard earned benefits that she relies on?

Joyce worked as a Senior Adjudicator for DDS since 1999, after being hired following nearly a year of hiring freezes. Joyce wasn’t dissuaded though, she relentlessly contacted DDS (little did she know she was actually leaving messages for the Commissioner!)  and her persistence paid off.

At any time Joyce could be assigned 200-250 different cases to monitor and eventually progress through the protocols. She had to work with a multitude of moving parts including evaluation, vocational analysis and medical documentation.

If you ever saw Joyce in her element there was no question that she belonged there. She understood the importance of her job. She understood that the people assigned to her were there because they were unable to help themselves and were relying on her to provide a helping hand. She was an extremely diligent worker who fought hard for those she represented. If a case called for her to contact her client’s doctors, she would stay on hold for hours.

 In Joyce’s words, “That was the only way to make the work meaningful—to put my all behind it”.

After moving to Massachusetts, she immediately looked for a local CSEA Council 400 chapter to join, and just last year she became President of Chapter 441 in Cape Cod. She maintain involvement because Council 400 affords her a sense of security, that if anything was to affect her benefits, CSEA would be right there fighting on behalf of the retirees—whether they live in Connecticut or elsewhere!

Cheryl Joyner

CSEA represents home-based family childcare providers who give parents peace of mind knowing their children are well cared for while they are at work. Cheryl Joyner, of Hamden, is one of these dedicated childcare providers.

When her grandson fell ill to sickle cell anemia, Cheryl didn’t give a second thought to quitting her full-time job to care for him. As Cheryl says, “No one can take care of him like I can” and she’s right.

Cheryl has been a member of CSEA since 2013 and has since served as the Secretary of the Child Care Council. In 2016 when the Childcare Subsidy Program was closed, she worked tirelessly alongside other CSEA members to ensure it reopened by letting her Representatives know how vital the program is to working families in Connecticut.

Cheryl is #UnionYes because “many voices are much louder than one when we need to be heard.”  Are you ready to join with our voices? Message our page to learn more!

Tom Welch

Tom started working for the state on May 13, 1983 at the Mansfield Training School for the Department Developmental Services as a State School Instructor. One month later he was a proud CSEA member—and he’s remained ever since.

As an active member he worked alongside Patrice Peterson in the P3B Council as Vice President until 2009 when he retired. Tom was also an extraordinary Chief Steward for the Eastern Region—constantly on the ground listening to members and resolving issues as they arose.

Back then and now, Tom has been a constant presence—both in the union hall and throughout Connecticut. He’s always the first person to offer a hand to anyone in need and is never afraid to get his own hands dirty to help the greater good. Most of CSEA has had the pleasure of meeting him at some point—including many new recruits who are brought into our CSEA family through his warm smile, infectious laughter and willingness to lend a hand.

Tom has been an integral part of CSEA since the day he joined over 35 years ago—between his role as Chief Steward and Vice President for the P3B Council and his role as Membership Co-Chair for Council 400, Tom is always helping out!

There are always threats of layoffs and benefits cuts and for that reason Tom has worked hard for the union—not only for himself and his colleagues but for the rest of Connecticut’s working class. Tom understands that when standards are raised for union workers, standards across the board are raised and for that reason you’ll find him at every meeting and every rally, fighting for worker’s rights.

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