SEBAC Analysis on Administration Response to COVID-19, Including Revised Guidelines & Protocols (4/20/20)


Union leaders from SEBAC (the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition) have been combining efforts to make sure that the perspectives of frontline workers are being heard as the State’s response to COVID-19 evolves. 

  • Click here for the latest SEBAC analysis, OPM/DAS guidelines and new housing protocols. (Updated 4/20/20) 

During this crisis, SEBAC has asked for  a daily point of contact between a designated union leader for each bargaining unit and a designated management representative so there will be continuous sharing of information. As always, if you have questions, be sure to start with your local union steward and leadership structure.

As we state in our report, we face a public health challenge unlike any we have encountered in recent memory.  The solidarity and dedication of our membership gives us the confidence that we will face it well, and come out stronger than we went in, although we know it will not be without disruption and suffering. 

We will keep members informed as things evolve and change and urge all members to reach out to union representatives and leads with their views, ideas and concerns as we move through this crisis and forward to better days.

Additional Resources for Members:

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